don, pat & tom


Who tf are Don, pat & tom?


We are an all-female theatre ensemble based in New York City, NY. We make our own work. This company is named for our core members’ three fathers. We are:

AMANDA (Don): founder/actor.

ERYN (Pat): founder/actor.

ALEX (Tom): founder/actor.

NAOMI (Frank): production, marketing, actor.

KATE (Craig): art & design.

ELIZABETH (KEN): director, musical fairy, costume guru



We are Don, Pat & Tom. We are a trio of women with a friendship forged from the hot-weird fires of early womanhood as students of acting at Boston University. We are interested in exploring the mundane with the magical. As a company, we use song, improvisation, and sensory exploration to create stories that walk the line between the human world and the mystical world. We are especially fascinated by the inherent, deep family dynamics that lie within the folklore and fairytales we all share. How do we mythologize our family members and the tales of our past? What are the secrets within these relationships that we accept and protect? What of these cannot be explained by human logic?

We believe in magic! We also believe in, and do not shy away from: mental illness, mental wellness, outer space, the earth, magic, mundanity, drugging up the beloved living room play and anchoring our fairy tales in family and history. Our stories.

Our purpose: To make connections. To explore what’s possible when we stretch our minds and bodies. To let it get ugly.  To remind our audiences of what they may have stopped believing in. We are not aiming to make a statement, to change the current climate, to shift paradigms, plates, or mindsets. We simply desire to commit to stories, to take you away with us, and to remember, just for a little while, our humanness.



Our fledgling show, “leaves”, will be making both a New York and Edinburgh/International premier this summer! Don, Pat & Tom are thrilled to announce that we will be performing at the 59E59 St Theater’s East to Edinburgh Festival in July for 3 nights only before we take the show across the pond to Scotland for our inaugural run at Edinburgh in August. If you find yourself in Scotland, swing by the world’s largest theatre festival from the 12th-17th to catch us at our venue right off Edinburgh’s royal mile, Greenside @ Infirmary Street. More details, as always, to follow. In the meantime, check out the beautiful space our first ever show will call its UK home HERE & HERE.




In August of 2018, our fledgling company flew on a whim to Edinburgh, Scotland - the site of the annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest of its kind in the world. We worked our little buns off all year to save for what was to be an educational journey; our goal was to check. it. out. We thought we might be a good fit for such a festival. Our eyes glimmered at the prospect of bringing our own work to an international stage. But we were ignorant in the ways of this mysterious foreign beast. We needed to get our hands dirty. So we went on our own dime on a pleasure tour to the UK - seeing as many shows as we could and learning so much our heads came real close to exploding with joy and art. This was where we wanted to introduce our new company to the world. This was perfect for us.

Now, armed with information and buckets of ecstatic memories, our second journey to Scotland is underway. This time, we’re bringing a show of our own. It’s called “leaves”. It’s a story that deals with, among other things: grief and loss, addiction, magic, family, myth, and Walt Whitman. We’ll need all the help we can get to make this endeavor play out. Our crowdfunding campaign begins this coming week, on TUESDAY, APRIL 23RD, 2019. Please tell your friends, come to our shows, and have a great time! Undertakings like this are never done without support. Thanks, endless thanks, in advance. We love you. We love theatre. We love Scotland. We love everything good and magical. See you soon!




You can help us anytime with this project or future projects by making a tax deductible donation through Fractured Atlas, our non-profit fiscal sponsor! Click the link below and donate, OR share!